The use of parametric analysis is becoming increasingly frequent in scientific and engineering studies. In such studies, a system is modeled and simulated for several values of one or more parameters, usually to find the optimal combination of those parameters according to some technical or economic criteria.

The software produced by SES already includes some built-in capabilities for parametric analyses (in Right-of-Way and SPLITS, for instance) but it is difficult, if not impossible, to make the software capable of performing parametric analyses for all possible combinations of parameters that could be of interest in practice.

This is where SESScript steps in. This software tool, available in your SES Software installation folder, is a script interpreter that adds programming capabilities to SES input files. This program can generate hundreds of files from a single input file containing a mixture of the SICL command language and scripting code. Using this program requires some basic computer programming skills and is therefore not entirely straightforward. Nevertheless, those of you who are familiar with scripting or programming may find it to be a useful, time saving tool.