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Software Packages | Overview

SES offers the most powerful software packages in the industry. Whether you are confronted with a complex grounding design, EMF studies, electromagnetic compatibility and interference problems or a lightning/surge study, you can rely on the accuracy, effectiveness and integrity of our applications for a realistic, optimized solution.



The complete software to analyze problems involving grounding, electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic interference


Ideal tools for calculating the line constants of any complex arrangement of conductors

AutoGround / MultiGround

High precision software packages for grounding analysis involving two-layer horizontal soils


High precision software packages for grounding analysis and conductive coupling studies


Unique engineering tools for the analysis of complex electromagnetic problems involving conductor networks

Integrated and Specialized Packages

Right-of-Way Pro

A powerful software for the analysis of electromagnetic interference between power lines and adjacent installations

AutoGrid Pro

A simple integrated environment for carrying out grounding studies


This software package is an analysis tool developed for the design of overhead AC and DC transmission lines. It quickly estimates line parameters, electric fields, magnetic fields, scalar potentials and corona parameters (loss, radio noise, and audio interference) associated with arbitrary configurations of parallel transmission and distribution electric lines, with any number and type of aerial conductors.


This software package is a transmission and distribution line analyzer for rapid line parameter computations, steady-state and fault induced voltage studies (whether inductive or conductive) as well as EMF calculations.


A powerful software package for the analysis and design of lightning shielding protection systems for complex 3D environments, including substations, power plants, industrial plants and other such installations, including power lines, equipment, buildings, etc.


CorrCAD is the latest addition to SES’ powerful software packages aimed at solving practical scientific and engineering problems realistically and accurately.


Automated grounding / earthing analysis of systems with horizontal arbitrary shape and made of bare buried conductors that are electrically small enough to be considered equipotential including the capabilities of Automatic Configuration and Dimension of Electrodes that meet a specific earth Resistance target.