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MultiLines is a powerful software package for calculating the line constants of any complex arrangement of conductors, an accurate multiphase circuit solver and an electromagnetic environmental impact assessment software package.

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SESEnviroPlus SESTLC Pro SESShield-2D

Technical Description

MultiLines is the ideal tool for calculating the line constants (parameters) of any complex arrangement of conductors, including cables, pipes and pipe-enclosed cables, whether buried or aboveground. It also computes capacitive and electromagnetic induction effects on ungrounded conductors and electric and magnetic fields generated by energized conductors in air. Moreover it can be used with distribution and transmission lines to determine residual and fault current distributions between a central grounding system and all conductor paths including neutrals, shield wires, metallic sheaths and counterpoises. Furthermore, detailed inductive interference analyses involving grounded or ungrounded conductors can be conducted accurately.


  • Intuitive graphical interfaces.
  • Computes constants (parameters) and capacitive and electromagnetic induction effects for hollow, stranded, concentric, bare or insulated conductors.
  • Detailed circuit models for load and short-circuit current distributions.
  • Insert devices such as single-phase and three-phase transformers at any location along the network.
  • Electric fields generated by overhead conductors on conductor surfaces.
  • Computes sequence components.
  • Accounts for uniform and horizontal multilayer soil models.


  • Accommodates any arrangement of multi-phase conductors: pipe-enclosed cables, pipelines, solid, hollow, stranded and composite conductors, insulated and bare conductors, overhead and buried conductors, and irregular phase configurations. All cable conductors can have a core, sheath, armour, and arbitrary insulations.
  • Computes Maxwell potential coefficients, shunt capacitances, self and mutual impedances, and admittances for all conductors on a per-conductor basis or a per-phase basis, with sky wires or static wires being eliminated or treated as distinct conductors, at your option. Get phase or symmetrical sequence domain components.
  • Interactive graphical user interface that allows definition of individual custom conductor positions.

  • Outfitted with tools to ease definition for regular arrangements

  • An extensive conductor database is available to facilitate input operations.

  • Frequency, skin effects, and earth characteristics are accurately accounted for. The thickness, resistivity, permeability and permittivity of an arbitrary number of horizontal soil layers can be specified.
  • Computes the magnetically induced voltages resulting in ungrounded conductors based on the currents you specify for the other conductors. Also, computes the electrostatic potential induced in one conductor due to the potentials you specify on the other conductors.

  • Determines electric fields generated by overhead conductors at any set of points on conductor surfaces and elsewhere.

  • Analyzes simple circuit models to calculate residual and short-circuit current distributions in every span of the neutrals (and other metallic return paths) of a multi-terminal power network.

The SPLITS module adds the following capabilities to the MultiLines software package.

  • Simulates detailed circuit models to calculate load residual and short-circuit current distributions in every span of a multi-conductor, multi-phase power network, whether balanced or not.
  • Enables analysis of electromagnetic interference effects, currents and voltages in every span of a multi-conductor, multi-phase power network and in neighboring exposed circuits sharing the same corridor.
  • Ground impedances or interconnections to other conductors can be specified for any number of conductors at any number of locations.
  • Analyzes complex, multi-phase, multi-winding transformers located anywhere along the electric network in full detail. Built-in single-phase and 3-phase multi-winding transformer models, including autotransformers, are also available.
  • Visualize input and results in fully 3D graphical representations of the circuit model: