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Description of the Training

SES: Training You and Your Staff to Carry Out Challenging Grounding, EMI and Lightning Studies

Safe Engineering Services & technologies ltd. (SES) provides flexible technical education services, ranging from basic to expert levels, to enhance the knowledge and skills of professionals carrying out analysis and design work in the areas of grounding (earthing), electromagnetic interference (EMI), lightning and transient analysis.

In addition to training, SES provides a certification program that allows you and your personnel to prove that you have acquired a verifiable level of proficiency in the subject matter studied and thus also provides your organization with a marketing tool to show clients and potential clients that it is qualified to carry out engineering studies to the highest standards in the areas of grounding, EMI and lightning protection. As an internationally respected authority in these areas and developer of the CDEGS software package, which has become a de facto standard throughout the world, SES lends great credibility to organizations whose personnel have received SES accreditations.

There has been a significant increase in demand for highly skilled professionals in the areas of power system grounding, EMI and lightning protection due to the evolving energy market sector, fueled by constantly increasing consumption and reliability requirements, urbanization in developing countries, installation of renewable energy systems, and the push to meet environmental constraints. As demand increases and the nature of the work changes, it is imperative for professionals who wish to enter these fields to have access to state of the art training from an organization which can also keep them abreast of the latest developments in methods and tools as these may change over time. Having the right expertise is essential to ensuring that the electric energy industry is reliable, safe and sustainable. The experts at SES have the experience, knowledge and ongoing involvement in the latest research to prepare you for these challenges.

Since not every learning need is the same, SES offers tailored courses to meet your unique needs and requirements. The focal point of SES’s customized instructor-led courses is hands-on learning, based on any of your own challenging project work that you wish to bring or SES projects that have been designed to address all important technical aspects of a study, thus allowing you to build experience from carrying out real-world projects.

SES’s specialists in the fields of grounding, EMI and lightning can help you broaden your capabilities, expand your knowledge, and lay the foundation for your successful use of SES’s specialized software packages. In addition to the standard training portfolio described in this document, SES also offers customized training to meet your organization’s need for competency in SES’s fields of expertise. By partnering with SES, you can enhance your knowledge, improve your productivity, shape your career, help your organization broaden its leadership and increase its market share.

Welcome to the SES academy of excellence in the study of grounding, EMI and lightning, where experts are created… and certified!

Enhance Your Knowledge and Experience, One Level at a Time

The SES Grounding & EMI Academy offers a wide variety of courses, which you can attend at SES’s training center, at one of your facilities, at regularly announced locations in major cities, or on-line. SES’s professional staff ensures that you and your personnel are provided with the learning tools you need to become a specialist in power system grounding, EMI and lightning protection and fully utilize the extensive capabilities of SES’s software solutions.

SES offers two types of training programs. The first leads to a certification, awarded by SES following a formal e-Exam, completed by the seminar participants under the supervision of SES instructor. Three certification levels are offered and the names of the individuals who pass the certification exams are published on SES’s website(Certified Users List) for the entire validity period of the certification. This period varies from 4 years to 10 years, depending on the certification level, as explained below. This type of training program is quite focused and has the following attributes:

  • It is delivered to a small group of students (maximum of 10 students).

  • The instructor responsible for the group is a leading SES expert, with over 10 years of practical experience.

  • The training is based on projects with real-world relevance.

  • The course presentations are based on high-quality, comprehensive, documents and computer files.

  • It is an extensively practice-oriented activity in which the student must complete a specific project.

The second type of training program is dedicated to providing the required knowledge and experience, without imposing any formal exam. A certificate of attendance along with the appropriate CEU of PDH hours is awarded at the end of the training session to all candidates who have attended the entire course.

Training Options

Standard Training Courses

These courses teach the participant key concepts required to understand and carry out power system grounding, electromagnetic interference and lightning studies. This includes not only practical design concepts, reinforced with hands-on sessions with computer simulations, but also field techniques to ensure that soil resistivity, grounding grid impedance, and other related parameters are measured accurately. These courses cover the material that must be mastered for the SES Certification Level I and indeed, attendees may elect to participate in the exam that will allow them to acquire this certification, during such courses. There is no fixed limit on the size of standard training classes. Read More...

Customized Training Courses

This option offers organizations complete personalization of the content, schedule, and indeed, location and number of attendees of the training sessions. Your choice of attendees and their number can be changed any time before the session starts. The training cost is based on an agreed fixed amount per event, regardless of the number of attendees. Read More...

Certification Training Courses

This training is designed to insure that a candidate acquires the required knowledge for the intended certification level. As there is a limit of 10 people per certification training session, it is possible to give each participant more personal attention than in the case in a standard training class. The candidate must follow a well-defined program to systematically build up the necessary expertise for the target certification level and the candidate must pass the required tests that verify the minimal competency of the candidate for that certification level. There are presently three possible certification levels, namely, Fundamental (Level I), Advanced (Level II), and Expert (Level III). Read More...

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