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Software Support and Upgrade

All software license purchases include 12 months of Regular Full Support by our internationally recognized team of engineers, researchers and physicists, who have made major contributions to leading scientific organizations such as ANSI/IEEE, IEC, NACE, etc. This means that you receive software updates, new software modules, software patches, and full technical support during installation and use of the software, expert advice on how best to apply the software to a given engineering problem and general engineering support in fields related to the software, at no additional charge. For selected packages you will also qualify to our acclaimed Extended Technical Support during the first 12 months at no additional charge. You can also subscribe to our Extended Technical Support anytime you need that service. You will have full access to fax or email support as well as our international toll-free numbers whenever you need to talk live to one of our expert.

Support Renewal Fees

After the initial no-charge period has expired (i.e., 12 months), the Regular Full Support and, when applicable, the Extended Technical Support may be renewed on an annual basis. The yearly fee, as a percentage of the One-Time License Fee Payment is as follows:

Regular Technical Support 12% of license fee (minimum of 1.0 unit)
Extended Technical Support 20% of license fee (minimum of  2.0 units)

Regular Technical Support

Our highly praised Regular Technical Support service is offered on a yearly basis (it is free of charge during the first 12 months). It includes maintenance and installation support, automatic release of updated or enhanced versions of the software, technical support and engineering applications support on using the software as well as technical support on subjects related to the immediate use of the software. Note that it does not include the following Extended Technical Support.

Extended Technical Support

Our optional internationally acclaimed Extended Technical Support is an addition to our Regular Technical Support and is also offered on a yearly basis. This additional support allows you to get expert opinions and guidance on technical and engineering aspects of your problems regardless of whether you are using the software or not, as long as the subjects discussed are within the field of expertise of SES. Our staff will discuss with you the best way of modeling a given engineering problem, using the software, as well as help with the solution of any problem in the field of engineering related to the software. It's like having the most knowledgeable expert near you whenever you require additional expertise or advices.

Painless Upgrades

AutoGroundDesign, AutoGrid Pro, SESTLC, SES-Enviro, Right-Of-Way, AutoGround, MultiLines, MultiGround and MultiFields are part of the complete internationally renowned CDEGS Suite of software packages. You can add software packages or upgrade to any one of the software packages or to the full CDEGS at any time easily penalty-free.

SES grants non-exclusive licenses for a period of 50 years to use any module of the software. All software package shipments include a 16 GB USB 3.0 data drive that contains manuals for each software package.

You have a unique opportunity to acquire powerful, useful, and fully tested scientific software at a negligible fraction of the cost required to develop, code and test similar software packages. Moreover, we are confident that you will recover the cost of the license fee in just a few major engineering applications. This is what thousands of leading electric, pipeline and railway utilities, consultants, universities and research organizations worldwide have already experienced.

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