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Help me choose the right software package that best fits my technical requirements and budget...

Yes, I am convinced that we need to use a suitable software package to solve our most challenging problems, but which package is the best for us?

Relax! You already have completed the most important and crucial step. You are at the right place!. SES offers you  the most powerful, accurate, reliable, trusted & validated software packages ever at the most affordable prices along with unrestricted software and technical support. If you are not completely satisfied simply return the software package for a full refund.

Now let us help you decide what is best for you based on your most critical requirements and budget restrictions.

First, decide what kind of solution capabilities among the following broad ones you wish to acquire. If more than one solution is of interest to you, proceed one solution at a time then combine the various choices in order to obtain the most appropriate discount. Please note that items within each one of the following broad categories are broken down further into subtopics that provide solutions to problems ranging from very simple ones to quite complicated and challenging ones requiring integrated multiple software components. Specialized white paper and documentation links provide more detailed explanations when necessary. Finally, if this is still not enough, one of our specialists will be pleased to help you narrow or refine your search for the optimum software packages configuration and combination.

Before you start however you must decide what are your overriding constraints and the order (priority) they should be considered. For example, if your most stringent restriction is your budget, you should select this item from the Priority drop-down list and so on. The selection process will provide you with all reasonable solutions that meet all or most of your requirements. The proposed solutions that do not meet some of your requirements, if any, will be clearly identified as such. It's then up to you to decide which solutions you want to consider and discuss with SES in order to make your final choice.

Step-By-Step Selection Process

Let's start with your overriding requirements, constraints, restrictions or limitations. Select the item that best describes your priority from each drop down list representing the priority scales that are going to be used to better target your solution.



* Grounding Analysis 
* AC Interference Analysis 
* Electromagnetic Environmental Impact Assessment 
* Generalized Electromagnetic Field Calculations  
* Lightning, Shielding and Transient Analysis  
* Specialized and Focused Tools & Solutions 

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