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Which package?

If you need a software solution, but are not sure which package best fits your needs and budget, click here for guidance and help!


Use the online form to order a demo of the entire collection of SES sofware packages. Read on ...


We are increasingly relying on software developed by others. So, critical questions need to be answered regarding accuracy, validation, competence, documentation, support as well as updates before committing to a given product. More...

See also the list of satisfied customers with our products.




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World Leader in Grounding / Earthing, Lightning and Electromagnetic Interference

SES’s primary focus is helping its customer assess and mitigate the effects of grounding & electromagnetic interference on people, equipment and the environment, safely, efficiently and economically. Since its foundation in 1978, SES has been recognized as … Read more …

SES Main Business Focus

SES is your single source solution provider for all your grounding / earthing, lightning, electromagnetic interference and EMC analysis and mitigation problems. 

SES offers specialized software and services in the following areas.

SES Products and Services

Scientific Analysis Software Advanced R&D and Engineering Services

SES's various subpackages constitute a powerful set of integrated engineering software tools designed to accurately analyze problems involving grounding / earthing, lightning, electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic interference including AC/DC interference mitigation studies with a global perspective, starting literally from the ground up.  Read more …

SES specializes in solving unusually complex problems not attempted previously and requiring the use of the most recent scientific advances in the field of grounding, lightning and electromagnetic interference. Read more ...

Technical Training

Bring yourself to the forefront of power system grounding technology with a 1-week grounding seminar. Read on ...


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